Specialists in bespoke classic, supercar, luxury and prestige car finance arrangements for individuals all over the world.

What we do

Classic, supercar, luxury and prestige car finance

Rare Car Finance are experts in providing finance solutions for specialist vehicles. In addition to conventional luxury and prestige cars, we are the market leaders in high value supercar and classic road and racing car finance and retain a global client base of collectors and private individuals who share a universal requirement for a finance solution tailored to their specific needs. On an average month through our boutique brokerage we finance 7 figures worth of cars for UK and overseas clients.
Who we are

Who we are

The key partners in the business Jonathan and Gerard have a combined 50 years of experience in the finance and specialist car sector dealing environment. Whether we are funding hypercars or a family SUV for HNW clients or arranging finance for clients for prestigious dealers such as Hexagon Classics, we apply the same level of personal service that cannot be matched from brokers that are offshoots of mainstream generic finance institutions.

Perhaps our real strength is that we worked together for 25 years and share a real passion for finance and special cars. We personally own a diverse collection of special cars and understand that each vehicle needs to be valued and financed on its individual merits - which is why we truly provide bespoke finance products for an individual's requirements.

Why use us

Market knowledge, access to capital resources and unmatched flexibility enable us to deliver a solution tailored to your circumstances.

We enjoy established relationships with a panel of lenders who really understand the specialist car market and therefore can provide instant decisions based on experience and accurate knowledge.

We are not restricted to tightly defined corporate lending criteria that competitors owned by large mainstream banks have to accommodate. There are no capital thresholds which act as a barrier to our capability to respond to a quote very quickly. When you speak to one of our team, you are dealing with an individual with authority to make decisions without the restrictions associated with a mainstream traditional corporate finance environment.

We have UK and overseas clients who routinely task us with challenging finance requirements - which is the area in which we specialise.

Rare Car Finance Club

We provide a range of added value services in addition to our vehicle finance offerings.

We have established relationships with collectors from around the world who trust us through our relationships with trusted partners to finance, store, insure and assist with maintenance, disposal and acquisition of cars if required.