Prestige Car Finance

We make prestige car ownership affordable and accessible.

The provision of prestige car finance represents the bulk of our loan book and is an area where we represent the leading alternative to showroom finance solutions.

When you require finance on a prestige vehicle, from a luxury SUV to a prestigious saloon - whether it is conventional, hybrid or fully electric we provide a range of finance solutions from lease purchase to high end car equity release packages.

Lease purchase, Hire purchase, Equity release and refinancing packages are all available for your prestige car requirements.

We are not affiliated to any motor manufacturer or related organisation.

Please contact us for an individual and bespoke finance quotation on any prestige, classic or sports car.

Finance Options

  Hire purchase

You spread the payments for the car over an agreed term such as 2 to 5 years. You pay a monthly payment and own the car in its entirety at the end of the finance arrangement period.

  Lease purchase

You pay lower monthly agreements and complete the finance arrangement with a final balloon payment - at which point you can complete the purchase or relinquish ownership.

  Equity release

You can use equity in your car or car collection - enabling a release of funds for other purposes as you see fit - you get to enjoy car ownership in conjunction with access to cash.


Rare Car Finance can review and refinance all your existing finance arrangements, including the balloon payment payable at the conclusion of your existing lease purchase agreement.