Finance Products

Hire Purchase & Lease Purchase (residual-balloon)

The most popular form of finance with terms from 18 months to 60 months. Hire Purchase is capital plus interest, reducing to a nil balance, and outright ownership. Lease Purchase is capital and interest element, but part of the capital is off set till the end of the term, called a Residual-Balloon, creating lower pcm payments, but with the lump sum due at end of term. This can either be paid and/or refinanced (it's not a guarantee and not an option to return the vehicle).


Refinancing a current agreement by taking advantage of preferential rates at a mid or end of term point.

Equity Release

Releasing equity from a vehicle without selling, for cash flow purposes or an ever-expanding car collection.

Balanced Payment Agreement

Variable rates are available with Hire Purchase and a Lease Purchase (residual-balloon) agreements, and dependant on the lender rate's over FHBR and/or 1-3 month LIBOR enabling flexibility with in the agreement to change the car early or paydown lumpsums dependent on the lender of choice.

Auction Finance

Pre-authorised and like Credit Line below, meaning clients can bid at auction with confidence, with a facility of choice already in place.

Credit Line

Pre-authorised credit facilities are a RCF speciality from £25,000 to £10,000,000. This enables clients to be extremely agile when finding and subsequently negotiating the purchase of that unique car of choice. GDPR and credit protocols will all be in place to expedite a quick transaction, either for a private off market car, or traditional dealer routes.

Stocking Policy

Financing cars within your current dealer stock, creating efficient cash flows for your business to operate.