Sports Car Finance

Sports Car Finance probably represents the bulk of car finance activity that we undertake.

Principals behind the business have dealt in the sports and collector car market for over 25 years and have an unrivalled knowledge in this sector. This means that our extensive panel of lenders who trust our valuation and market knowledge can invariably provide the most competitive quotes to either finance a new or refinance an existing sports car.

Hire purchase, Lease purchase, authorised credit facility, re-financing and equity release are all areas we cover for sports cars and we have financed just about every type of sportscar from in the £10,000 to £10,000,000 value range.

The rates that we offer are competitive for the simple reason that as a small but focused independent car finance brokerage who are not restricted by the constraints of ownership from a mainstream finance business...

We understand the sports car finance sector and can arrange finance solutions tailored to your requirements in very short time frames - contact us to see how we can get you behind the wheel of your dream sportscar.

Sports Car Finance Options

  Hire purchase

You spread the payments for the sports car over an agreed term such as 2 to 5 years. You pay a monthly payment and own the car in its entirety at the end of the finance arrangement period.

  Lease purchase

You pay lower monthly agreements and complete the finance arrangement with a final balloon payment - at which point you can complete the purchase or relinquish ownership.

  Equity release

You can use equity in your sports car or car collection - enabling a release of funds for other purposes as you see fit - you get to enjoy sports car ownership in conjunction with access to cash.


Rare Car Finance can review and refinance all your existing finance arrangements, including the balloon payment payable at the conclusion of your existing lease purchase agreement.