Racing Car Finance

Rare Car Finance have specialist knowledge of race car finance - especially those which participate in the classic racing series.

This is no small part due to our relationships with collectors who own significant road and racing car collections and who use Rare Car Finance for a range of financial services, ranging from Lease Purchase, Hire Purchase, Refinancing to Equity Release.

We have a number of customers from overseas who keep collections of racing cars in the UK who use Rare Car Finance for a range of concierge services outside the remit of a traditional car finance business.

We have financed a range of competition cars from vintage Alfa Romeo and Bugatti's to the latest Ferrari and McLaren GT cars - we understand the market and can get solutions which might be outside the capabilities of less specialist finance operations...

The panel of lenders can be reasonably limited in this specialist sector, but due to our strong established relationships with a number of lenders who acknowledge our expertise, we can usually provide finance solutions even in the most challenging circumstances.