Car Storage

In partnership with Moss Automotive we can offer car storage in a bespoke state of the art building in the North London area.

Probably the most advanced car storage building in the immediate London vicinity the business offers:

  • Interior maintained at the optimum temperature of 15 degrees centigrade
  • Constant Relative humidity of 55% in the building
  • Industrial air cleaners in permanent operation to remove any dust or contaminants
  • Security system is most advanced solution available on the market
  • No vehicles are driven or pushed in the building. All internal vehicle movements are by "Stringo" vehicle mover

Without doubt, the finest facility of its type and ready to meet the demands of the most discerning collector - very close to central London.

Long or short-term packages offered, with as little or as much of our input in respect of car maintenance as you require.

Arrange to come and visit the facility. Go to to arrange an appointment.