Lease Purchase: 2014 McLaren P1

Live transacted case January 2019

Car - 2014 McLaren P1

Cash Price - £1,100,000.00

Deposit - £400,000.00

Balance - £700,000.00 - LTV 63.63%

Residual - £700,000.00

Product - Lease Purchase – Residual (balloon)

Term - 12 months x £4030.00 pcm


HNW client that was looking for a La Ferrari Coupe, and we we’re selling his Ferrari Enzo privately. He has a small but iconic collection of cars; for e.g. Ferrari Enzo, F40, Porsche 918 Spyder etc. Unfortunately this transaction and lend did not materialise with his pre-approved credit facility of £1,350,000, but he found a McLaren P1 and instructed me to transact on above with two cars part exchanged – Porsche Carrera GT, and a Mercedes-Benz Black Series.